Level 2 - Skill Building

Level 2: Is Your Dog Not Listening?
Prerequisite: Puppy/Doggie Beginner Level 1 or Trainer Approval
Location: Newbury
Course Length: 6 classes meets once a week 
Course Cost: See rates.
Ages: 5 months & up

You're on the right track! Now let's continue building your relationship with your dog using positive reinforcement training.

Learn techniques for walking and communicating with your dog.

Build on the basic skills you have learned.
Learn additional cues: Target, Stay and more
Introduce Leash Techniques
Introduce Training Techniques for Relaxed Walking
Introduce Greeting Techniques
Improve Communication Skills with Your Dog
Have Fun Learning New Skills Together

At the end of the 6 classes you and your dog will receive a certificate of achievement for the course.

Class Schedule for 2024Next Class Tuesday 18 June at 5:30 PM

Click here to Pre-register. We will email you when the next class series will start.

*Please note that there needs to be at least 3 people who register for a class. If there are not enough people that class will be canceled.

Please note: You will need to provide copies of Up-To-Date Vaccinations records:  Please note: You will need to provide copies of Up-To-Date Vaccinations records:  Rabies and Distemper.  Optional vaccines:  Kennel Cough.