Puppy Resources


Getting a New Puppy?

Here are some resources to help you get your new puppy settled.

  • Prepare for your new puppy. Set up 3 areas:
    1. Set up a play pen or an enclosed area that will limit your puppy's access to things that could hurt them.
    2. Set up a crate for your puppy to sleep at night or for naps. Remember to remove your puppy's collar or harness before leaving them in a crate.
    3. Decide which house door you will take your puppy out when they need to go to the bathroom. Near this door have:
      • A leash
      • Waste bags
      • A jacket for you
  • Puppy proof areas in your house that you will let your puppy play in while you watch them.
    • Have plenty of puppy appropriate toys to play with
    • Electrical cords moved or hidden so puppy cannot get them
    • Curtains and other loose fabrics out of reach
  • Put together a schedule for you puppy that works with your schedule. Include the following things:
    • Feeding times (3 or 4 times daily)
    • Times you will take your puppy out to go to the bathroom
      • As soon as they wake up in the morning
      • After every meal
      • After they wake up from a nap
      • After a lot of play indoors
    • You will need to pick up your puppy’s water bowl 2 hours before bedtime at night. Put this time on the schedule.
    • Training times. 5–10-minute sessions when you will start to work on gentle beginner training for your puppy. Things to work on right away:
      • Gentle, no bit behavior
      • Exchange a treat for what puppy has
      • Gentle handling: touch ears, paws and toes, and face

 (left) Playpen for a small puppy
(right) Crate for naps and night-time sized for the Puppy
Oversized Crate Used as a Playpen