Dog/Puppy Overnight

We are an in home pet lodging facility. Prior to scheduling overnight boarding we require a 2 hour evaluation to make sure that our facility is a good fit for your dog.  See our rates for the cost of this evaluation.  We strive to make sure that all dogs in our care have a stress free stay.

We will fail a dog that appears too stressed to stay in our home. We will gladly work with you to get your dog used to our facility by scheduling daycare play dates prior to their overnight stay. Please note that we do not take giant breed dogs or dogs that have no training.

You MUST bring veterinarian records showing that your dog is current with Rabies, Distemper and Kennel Cough.  Your dog won't be admitted into our facility without this information.

Ginger Bear
We are a small facility and we fill up quickly. We have many clients that book 6 month in advance. We will gladly put your pet tentatively on the calendar to hold a space while you finalize vacation plans.
Andrew Brook Tails, Pet Care Services rates.

What to bring when your dog stays over night:

♥ Veterinarian Records – if this is your dog’s first visit bring
    your records showing that your dog has had his vaccinations
    (Rabies, Distemper & Kennel Cough - vaccinated within the year but
    at least 10 days prior to stay) and that she/he is in good health.
♥ Your dog’s regular food – it can be upsetting for your
    dog’s digestion if you switch its food, so it is a good idea to keep
    them on their regular diet. You do not need to bring food or water bowls.
♥ A favorite bed – bringing your dog’s special bed, blanket, or
    toy can help your dog feel more comfortable while they are away
    from home.
♥ Special treats and toys – we have treats and toys, however
    if your dog has special treats and toys it enjoys feel free to bring
♥ Leash and collar – please bring your dogs leash and collar or
    harness. No choke collars, e-collars or bark collars.
♥ Scent - please bring some article of clothing or something which has
    your scent on it.
♥ Any other items or questions – give us a call to discuss
    what else you might want to bring. We are happy to accommodate
    special requests.

Spaying and Neutering: If your puppy is 6-8 months old it must be fixed prior to coming for a stay.

Do not bring any fleas or ticks. Please make sure your dog
 is free of ticks and fleas and on a preventative program. We are
okay with natural treatments as long as they are working.