Cat/Kitten Overnight

Whitney and Stawberry
Cats stay in deluxe condos in our bright, sunny cat area. They have a special place where they can socialize or just have some privacy.

We are very interactive with the cats that stay with us. Providing extra care for elder cats and special needs cats is our specialty.

All cats over 6 months of age must be spayed or neutered.

Services provided:
    ♥  Plenty of human contact and loving care.
    ♥  Individual deluxe condos for sleeping, eating and quiet time.
Fluffer Nutter
    ♥  Organically grown catnip and lavender blend.
    ♥  Plenty of toys.
    ♥  Special diet and medications are not a problem.
    ♥  Time to socialize if they want.
    ♥  Daily brushing.
    ♥  Time to enjoy the comfort of being petted and held.
    ♥  Lots of tender loving care (TLC).      

    Additional Services Available:
         ♥ Pet Massage

Andrew Brook Tails, Pet Care Services rates.

What to bring when your cat stays over night:
 Veterinarian Records – Please bring a copy of your cat's current vet records showing current vaccinations for rabies, upper respiratory, and leukemia (if an outside cat).
 Your cat’s regular food – it can be upsetting to your cat's digestive system if you switch their food. If you do not bring enough food we charge $2.00 per day to supply the appropriate food. 
 A favorite bed – bringing your cat’s special bed, blanket or pillow can help your cat feel more comfortable while they are away from home. 
 Special treats and toys – we have treats and toys, however if your cat 
    has special treats and toys it enjoys feel free to bring them.
♥ Do not bring food dishes, litter, or litter boxes.
 Scent - please bring some article of clothing or something which  has your scent on it.
 Any other items or questions – give us a call to discuss what else you might want to bring. We are happy to accommodate special requests.